How Does Local Search Engine Optimization Work?

local seo

The foundation of local SEO is location, but how does it work? Content that includes local search terms boosts your ranking in the SERPs. Content may be part of pillar content, blog posts, or social media posts. For example, the “About Us” page of your car dealership might mention how it serves the community. A blog post that mentions the best deals on a Honda in Northwestern Montana may include local search terms, such as “Hassle Free Subaru Sales in Billings.”

Local SEO uses the same search engine techniques as traditional SEO, but applies them to your business’s location. For example, if a customer searches for a hotel in London, a hotel that is located in that city will show up near the top of the results. For this reason, local SEO is so crucial for your business’s success. The most effective local SEO techniques are those aimed at targeting local searchers. You will find it difficult to achieve this by yourself if you don’t have an in-house SEO team. read more