How Attorney SEO Can Help Your Law Firm

attorney seo

If you want to grow your practice, you may want to invest in attorney SEO services. This service consists of search engine optimization and is crucial for ranking law firms in major search engines. Attorney SEO is a highly competitive field. Many new clients come to law firms via search engine optimization, and 70% of new leads come from this type of marketing. But if you’re not sure what attorney SEO is or how it can help you, keep reading!

Effective lawyer SEO includes keyword research. The right keywords will increase your website’s visibility and help you connect with active searchers. Keyword research involves evaluating the search volume, popularity, and ranking algorithms for specific keywords and phrases. If your keywords and search phrases are too general, your clients will not find you! Keywords and phrases can make or break a law firm, and you want to make sure you’re able to target your audience effectively.

The best attorney SEO campaigns are rooted in good core web practices. For instance, high-performing websites are not only Google-friendly, but also have other vitals like Schema markup. Knowledge of target audiences’ thought process is critical to a successful attorney SEO campaign. Once you know what these people want, you can better understand how to meet their needs. By identifying common keywords and phrases, you can better target your audience with relevant, useful content.

A strong attorney SEO campaign will take into account the needs of lawyers and law firms, and ensure your web presence is prominent in local search results. Often, lawyers only advertise in a specific state, and therefore local search rankings are more important than global search results. To ensure your law firm receives the best possible visibility online, choose a firm that has experience in lawyer SEO. They will understand the nuances of the law firm industry and be able to tailor a law firm SEO strategy to meet their needs.

Another effective attorney SEO tip is to have a base hub for your website with links to each of your practice areas. If you don’t have a base hub, people will return to search results, increasing your Bounce Rate. If your site is unable to retain visitors, your competitors will take that position. So, if your firm can make its website visible, it will be more visible and profitable than ever. But to achieve success, you need to plan ahead, and make sure your SEO campaign is scalable.

A blog is another powerful strategy to implement to improve your online presence. Blogs offer free information to potential customers, and are great for building expertise. Blogs are also excellent places to post educational tips and articles, and can be published on social media, directories, and web portals. And as with any other website, a blog can help your law firm gain more clients. So, if you want to increase your client base, consider adding a blog to your website.

Content is still king. It can include images and videos. Optimized content will increase your attorney SEO marketing results. Backlinks are important for professional networking, and your website will be judged on how many external website pages and domains are linking back to your site. If you’re not a content whiz, you may want to consider hiring an SEO consultant to help you build your online presence. But be careful: there are many ways to detract from your SEO efforts.

Word count matters – Having a page with over two thousand words of good content can be a good idea if you’re looking to rank well in Google. However, high word count doesn’t guarantee top rankings. In addition to the word count, other factors are important, such as the quality of your website. A high word count is considered to be a sign of more research. But don’t be fooled – a high word count doesn’t guarantee top rankings, just the opposite.

Local SEO for law firms has exponential effects. News articles about law firm locations can drive traffic from specific metro areas. Not only will this increase your brand equity, but you’ll also gain exposure in neighboring markets. Additionally, your website will receive a higher crawl rate from Google as a result of more content. In turn, your law firm’s website will be crawled more frequently by the search engine. That will result in more potential clients.