Tangram Flex

How do you convey the meaning behind the mission?

Tangram Flex


Tangram Flex is building a platform which enables cyber-physical systems to be constructed with flexible and secure components.

  • Marketing design & development
  • Design Systems
  • Content Management

How We Helped

Tangram Flex, a quickly-growing startup, wanted us to help give them a new marketing site introducing their soon-to-be-launched development platform. We thought we would oblige with a clean, super fast, and unique set of pages to help them tell their story.

The Scenery came up with a few things for the Tangram Flex team to help get their message to the masses: a design system, a clean and informational website, and access to a friendly CMS to write and update content. In addition, deploys are automated so their engineering team doesn’t need to be pulled away from the product to focus on site updates. Neat, eh?

Prismic CMS houses all the content with a ridiculously easy-to-use workflow allowing for new pages to be launched with an infinite amount of layout options. With this setup, changes to the site could be made without editing a single line of code. The design system powers the website as a standalone dependency (it can also be used by the product, too!).

We were more than excited to help Tangram Flex take their first steps to getting their product to market with a shiny new marketing site.

Trust us, it's cool.

Click around the site and you might find an easter egg or two.

“I’m constantly impressed with the quality of work and amazing people at The Scenery.

The Scenery’s guidance, feedback, and collaboration from discovery through site launch helped Tangram refine our website's messaging and identity. Everyone who works with us is engaged and passionate, and communication is consistent.”

Liz Grauel, Tangram Flex

The Bonus

Tangram Flex started with a simple mark—seven shapes that make up a whole, resembling their namesake: the tangram puzzle. Since their product refactors software systems into reusable and secure pieces, we created a brand that would adjust and change around the content. This theme was carried throughout the site, but we really had fun with it on the homepage. Play around and see why! In addition, each page contains several different arrangements of the mark.

We also extended their brand to include a typeface that was better for readability, updated their color palette, and added pixel-friendly logos to display nicely at any screen size.