Primer — Part Three

How do you build a website that recruits top talent in an over-saturated job market?

The Problem

Primer’s team of 25+ engineers got them where they needed to be for launch, but the company was in need of more software and machine learning engineers, product managers, and designers. The website needed to do some heavy lifting for their recruitment efforts.

Guiding Principle

A website is a brand’s biggest recruitment tool.

The Process

Spotlight thought-leading content with a powerful Blog

Primer is very thoughtful about company culture and employee satisfaction. The Blog would serve as the outlet they needed to show highly sought-after talent the work they were doing to earn attention as a top-tier employer.

Building Primer’s Blog posed several content challenges; by nature of the work they do, their Blog posts would be filled with highly technical content. We needed to think through how to display code snippets and complex math formulas, which needed as much polish as the rest of their site.

The controllability built into our grid helped; we fine-tuned how each content type displays, giving math formulas and code more horizontal room to breath, and keeping long copy blocks narrow for readability. To beautifully style their algorithms and equations, we pulled in MathJax, a JavaScript display API that formats math notation with CSS rather than bitmap images. MathJax also had built-in accessibility support – a standard for every site we build.

Integrate third-party job postings

Primer was already posting job listings on Lever, but wanted to feature their postings on the marketing site as well. To avoid future duplicate work, we used Lever’s public API to pull job listings into the site and stylized them to match Primer’s brand.