How do you take a stale brand and break through a behemoth industry?


Basket empowers customers to comparison shop based on their entire grocery list, not just a single item. Basket calculates the total cost of a grocery list at multiple local stores based on real prices. Customers share data to keep prices up-to-date and put the spending power back into their shopping community.

Competencies used
  • Front-end Development
  • Design

The Problem

On the heels of a round of funding, Basket found themselves devoid of a brand owner who could take the product to the next level. Many touchpoints needed immediate improvements, but we knew we could iterate on them in the future. Together, we strategized how we could make a splash for their existing customers—and new ones—all before the hectic holiday season.

Guiding Principle

Industry-disrupting tech needs an energized, vibrant brand.

Invigorate the Existing Brand

Basket’s former mark was obscure, with too much going on. We reimagined a clean and friendly approach to the familiar shopping basket, including true grocery staples. Throughout the brand ecosystem, there were inconsistent uses of the “B” mark, so we clearly defined when and where those standalone marks should be used.

We refreshed typography to match the brand’s fun and friendly personality. We sought out a typeface that would lend itself well to the grocery space, convey character, and not border on the line of being too tech-y.

Additionally, we did a color survey to find what would be most compelling to customers and set Basket apart from the traditional uses of blue in both the corporate and product worlds. We landed on a vibrant blue, brightening it from the former muddy tones.

Add Polish to the Interface

As the main touchpoint, the product needed to be updated alongside the new brand – and fast. Basket’s development team is incredibly iterative, and we worked with them to plan out strategic ways we could update the product over time, before getting to a full redesign in the future. Immediate wins included updating colors, type, and spacing. Additionally, all of the marketing touchpoints within the Apple and Android app stores were updated to match the new brand.

Tell a Compelling Product Story

Much like the brand, the marketing site was not doing the product justice. We set out to show the true ingenuity of the product and drive visitors to signup, all while showcasing the deep impact a modern community can have on a large, conventional industry.

The landing page narrative walks a user through the main product features: how to search for products, see the stores with the best prices in your area, and then shop for your list in-store. Additionally, the use of real customer testimonials showcases Basket’s strong and growing community.

Engage Users Ongoing with Email

We designed and built custom email templates to reach their audience of over 60,000. A Welcome Email ushers users into the product and provides a bit of onboarding. A transactional Share-a-List Email shares their lists amongst loved ones, providing an opportunity for even more app downloads.

Other Marketing Materials

With the new brand, site, and product updates rolling out, we needed to keep it consistent with in-use materials of a sales deck, press kit, and social assets.

The Outcome

We gave the Basket brand the kickstart they needed, helping them turn their success with consumers into another round of funding and growth.